Meet Kelli Butler-Ferguson


Hello and welcome to Kreate with Kelli. My name is Kelli and I am a self-taught artist. My passion for painting began when I was young. I would draw and paint murals on my bedroom wall, which encouraged my parents to buy me a sketch table. In college, I even took some art classes to hone my skills but it wasn’t until after I drew a mural in my son’s nursery that I became a freelance artist. Encouraged by my family and friends, I would create pictures and murals for clients, although with a growing family I could not dedicate as much time to it as I would have liked.    

In 2016, I was invited to host a “paint party” for a school and that is when Kreate with Kelli was born. Hosting that party reinvigorated my love for painting and inspired me to continue to share my craft with others. I truly believe that everyone has an inner “Picasso” and I love being able to bring that out of my clients. Whether I am hosting a children’s or adult party, it brings me joy when a client, who initially believed that they could not paint, leaves my party with a new found confidence.    

When you book a party with me, you can expect someone who is enthusiastic about helping you to Keate a portrait, Kreate memories, and to Kreate confidence and the best part is, there is “No Experience Necessary!”